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    in September 2021!

  • Make It Happen Virtual Intensive

    Professional Development for Graduate Students

    The Make it Happen Virtual Intensive is a professional development experience designed specifically for graduate students to increase productivity and maximize opportunities for success. Graduate students experience a range of challenge that often go unaddressed and often result in isolation, poor course performance, delayed matriculation or graduation, and lowered self efficacy for program completion. This virtual learning experience is packed with information and useful strategies designed to assist graduate students with navigating common challenges while preparing for the next phase of their careers.

  • Covering the Following Topics


    Key Mindset Shifts


    Time and Focus Management


    Strategic Planning


    Radical Self-Care


    Building Supportive Networks

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  • What Students Are Saying...

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    "This program allowed my to critically reflect on my WHY, recenter my personal and academic goals, and actively engage in strategies to promote my long-term success. I found myself facing difficulty with making progress on my Qualifying Paper, and your workshop inspired immense clarity and direction! I especially appreciated [the] advice on the importance of radical self-care, time management resources, and the power of having an accountability partner/group. I am confident the lessons I learned and the connections I gained will allow me to meet my goals and finish the semester stronger than expected! I am grateful."

    Doctoral Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    I learned a lot about how to conceptualize what my "foundation" or "habits" need to look like. I often thought that the issue was my work flow or routine as opposed to really getting the opportunity to Zoom out and think, what motivates me, how can I integrate that into my day-to-day/micro settings, and have that push me forward. I've come across that concept but Dr. Abrams' workshop really has materialized exactly how we can do and approach this with helpful tips, tools, and guidance!

    Graduate Student, Harvard University

    "This workshop was A++++. I have pages of notes and it has changed my mindset on things I need to change as a doc student... I realized I have been counting myself out prematurely, that instead I have strengths that Ive been ignoring and weaknesses that are surmountable. This [was] like therapy but so much more!... So glad I attended this 2-day intensive program."

    Doctoral Student, Montclair State University

    "It has really energized me and reframed how I should strive to conduct my work and approach my goals. Long-term planning has always been something that I've found daunting, but [this] workshop made it such an exciting experience ...! I already mentioned the benefits of [the] workshop to my PI, and I am recommending [the] upcoming webinar to friends ... I want so many others to benefit from [this] incredible guidance."

    Masters Student, Boston University